December 2, 2020

Joint Meeting of the Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee and the Transuranic Waste Transportation Working Group | Winter

Zoom Virtual Meeting


TRANSCOM Remote Training Opportunities
Sharon Taylor

October 26, 2020

Coal’s Continuing Vital Role

Zoom Virtual Meeting | 9-12:00 p.m.

September 29, 2020

60th Annual Board Business Meeting

Zoom Virtual Meeting

May 18, 2020

Coal: America’s Vital & Endangered Resource

A Joint Webinar Provided by SSEB’s Clean Coal Energy Policies and Technologies Program and the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance (VCEA)


A Coal Operator’s Perspective on the Coal Market
J.P. Richardson

Coal in the 21st Century
The Honorable Steve Winberg
Office of Fossil Energy, U.S. DOE

Coal: Vital and Strategic for America
Michelle Bloodworth
America’s Power / ACCCE

2020 Virginia Legislative Update
Clark Lewis
Troutman Sanders

Virginia Legislation and Regulation Updates
Brooks Smith and Patrick Fanning
Troutman Sanders

Economic Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Stephen Moret
Virginia Economic Development Partnership

State Legislation Across the Nation
Kenneth Nemeth

March 26-27, 2020

Joint SECARB Offshore and GoMCarb Web Conference


Thursday Presentations

Friday Presentations

February 7, 2020

Associate Members Winter Meeting
Location: Edison Electric Institute | Washington, DC


Cybersecurity: 2020 and Beyond 
Laura Schepis
Edison Electric Institute

FERC Update: MOPR and More
William Keyser
K&L Gates

Net Negative Emissions Technologies
Angelos Kokkinos
U.S. Department of Energy

Recent Activities & Election Insights
Kimberly Gray
Southern States Energy Board

Energy Institute of Alabama Overview
Seth Hammett
Energy Institute of Alabama

Artificial Intelligence and Commercial Applications in the Utilities Sector
Jared Linck, PhD
SAS Institute, Inc.

AI and Quantam: Tools That Will Change the World
Darren Mollot, PhD
U.S. Department of Energy