The Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) is leading a coalition of southern universities and technical experts to establish a commercial-scale (438 million metric tons of capacity) CO2 Storage Complex adjacent to Mississippi Power’s Kemper County energy facility.

Project ECO2S will pursue key advances in CO2 storage knowledge and technology, including optimizing CO2 storage efficiency, modeling the fate of injected CO2, and establishing residual CO2 saturation.

Project ECO2S will involve “real-life” experiences, issues, and challenges of scaling-up from its regional, pre-feasibility assessment of CO2 storage to establishing a site-specific, commercial-scale CO2 storage facility, including capturing the “lessons learned” in making this transition.

SSEB serves as the overall lead for the project. To perform the work, SSEB is partnering with Advanced Resources International, Inc. (ARI), Auburn University, Pashin Geoscience, LLC, Trimeric Corporation, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of Wyoming. ARI will manage the technical and field operations and has issued sub-contracts to Battelle Memorial Institute, Geological Survey of Alabama, GHG Underground, Loudon Technical Services, LLC, Mississippi State University’s Department of Geosciences, Oklahoma State University, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Project ECO2S will operate for two years, beginning on April 1, 2017.

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