Composed of industries, academia, and business executives, the Southern States Energy Board’s Committee on Carbon Management advances opportunities for applied research and development, investment, international cooperation, and technology design for carbon management in the southern region.

The committee is responsible for coupling the development of carbon management technologies with potential domestic and international economic development opportunities.

The program also affords partners the opportunity to leverage U.S. resources to influence international occasions for the deployment of those carbon management technologies that mitigate greenhouse gases and provide carbon storage solutions to reduce the effects of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.

SSEB maintains a productive partnership for examining issues related to carbon management with the U.S. Department of Energy. International efforts, such as participation in the 23 nation Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum, are coordinated with the Cleaner Fossil Fuel Systems Committee of the World Energy Council and the United States Energy Association.

Recently, the committee has been focusing on those issues related to carbon management in the South, especially legislation currently being considered at federal and state levels. The committee met on May 20-21, 2019, in Kingsport, Tennessee. On May 21, during the concluding portion of the meeting, the committee held a roundtable discussion.

Outcomes of the roundtable discussion included stated intentions by several SSEB legislative members to bring resolutions before the Board at its Annual Meeting in September 2019. Additionally, committee members provided assurances that the key issues and priorities highlighted during the discussion would be brought forth during meetings with governors’ offices, legislative leadership, state regulators, and other related national and regional organizations.

SSEB annually publishes an overview of carbon management-related legislation in the United States coinciding with our May meeting. View the latest edition here.