Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands Legislation

Puerto Rico

In its current session, Puerto Rico has passed the following Energy & Environment bills:


Emergency Management & Homeland Security

HR 388 – Local Disaster Plan Study
Sponsored by Collazo
Orders the House Committee on Preparation, Reconstruction and Reorganization During an Emergency to study the government’s plans regarding transportation, food, equipment, gasoline, among other supplies to the Municipality of Vieques and Culebra islands in the event of a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami and any other natural disaster.

Efficiency & Weatherization

HR 772 – Electric Vehicle Energy Study
Sponsored by Mercad
Establishes provisions for an exhaustive investigation into the consequences on the island’s electrical energy system that may be caused by the sudden increase in acquisition of electric vehicles by citizens and measures that must be taken to mitigate the effects that the increase in consumption would cause, if any.

Renewable Energy

HR 570 – Solar Panel System Problem Study
Sponsored by Lebron
Orders the House Committee on Economic Development, Planning, Telecommunications, Public-Private Partnerships and Energy to carry out an investigation into the complaints and problems faced by consumers of solar panel systems in Puerto Rico.

SR 337 – Electrical System and Interconnection Study
Sponsored by Dalmau
Orders the Senate Committee on Strategic Projects and Energy to investigate the status, performance, effectiveness, agility and operation of the net metering program that allows the interconnection to the electrical transmission and distribution system and the feedback of electricity from customers who have installed a solar electric equipment, windmill or any other source of renewable energy capable of producing electricity.


Inland Water Quality & Management

HR 470 – Local Water Investigation
Sponsored by Reyes
Orders the House Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Works to investigate the recent interruptions in the potable water service in the islands of Vieques and Culebra, the causes, extent and magnitude of the problem, the effect of the interruption on the quality of life of the residents and the impact on the economic activity of both islands, the measures adopted by the Aqueducts and Sewerage Authority, the municipal administrations of both islands and the central government.

HB 815 – Water Allocation Safeguards
Sponsored by Montañez

Creates the Law to Safeguard the Allocation of Water from Reservoirs for Agricultural Irrigation Systems.

The measure establishes public policy, the duties and responsibilities of the Electric Power Authority and the Department of Agriculture, and the supremacy of the law over current or subsequent laws in order to protect the required amounts of water from our reservoirs for agricultural uses and ensure the stability of the agricultural industry and the food security of Puerto Rico.

US Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands has not yet passed any bills related to Energy & Environment in its current session.