Puerto Rico

In its current session, Puerto Rico has passed the following Energy & Environment bills:


Emergency Management & Homeland Security

HB 1597 – Infrastructure Financing Authority Act
Sponsor: Ortiz
Creates an Intergovernmental Committee in charge of preparing a plan for the Infrastructure Financing Authority study for the establishment, implementation, development, financing, construction, and management of the Strategic Fuel Reserve System, which will consist of a system of fuel supply tanks to mitigate the impact of any emergency that occurs in Puerto Rico due to disasters created by nature or man-made.

Fossil Energy

HR 253 – Power Authority Diesel and Natural Gas Conversion Study
Sponsor: Gonzalez
Orders the House Committee on Government to investigate the adjudication and contracting process between the Electric Power Authority and NFEnergia LLC, for the conversion of units five and six from the San Juan power station for burning diesel to natural gas and for the sale and supply of natural gas for the amount of $1.5 billion.

Renewable Energy

HR 559 – Virtual Power Plant Study
Sponsor: Santiago
Directs the House Committee on Economic Development to carry out an exhaustive investigation on everything related to establishing a Virtual Power Plant, which takes advantage of the photovoltaic generation storage systems interconnected to the electricity grid to satisfy peaks of energy demand, as well as resilience to the shuttering of some generating units.

HR 892 – Solar Panels and Energy Storage Batteries
Sponsor: Garcia
Relates to an investigation into the use and management of the $1 billion assigned to the United States Department of Energy for a program that will have the objective of installing solar panels and energy storage batteries on the roofs of homes for low-income and/or disabled people in Puerto Rico.

US Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands has passed a single bill related to Energy & Environment in its current session.

Coastal Zone Management
SB 35-0072 – Major Coastal Zone Management Permit Approval
Sponsor: Francis, Jr.
Ratifies the Governor’s approval of Major Coastal Zone Management Permit No. CZT-03-20 (L&W) issued to SVB 155 SPRING LLC, D/B/A Independent Boatyard and Marina.