Membership Support

Participation by all member jurisdictions in the Southern States Energy Board Compact is critical not only to the state but also to the region. All of the activities of the Board, as described in our Annual Report, benefit the southern region in the development of a sound economy, proper utilization and diversity of energy sources and increased industrialization, while providing for protection of the environment to ensure public health, safety and welfare. SSEB often undertakes state-specific projects with those same goals in mind.

Listed below are value-added services that SSEB member states and its citizens receive as members of the Compact.

  1. SSEB obtains funding for state and regional projects at the request of its membership, committees and working task forces. This funding provided to our states generally is far in excess of appropriations paid to SSEB by its members.
  2. SSEB negotiates collective funding for member states on programs that support energy and environmental research, education and training, technology development, regulatory reform and other key issue areas.
  3. SSEB funds the direct participation of state officials in projects and activities in order to enable states to remain current on new programs, trends and technologies while decreasing the impact of travel on member state budgets.
  4. SSEB works directly with businesses and industries on specific economic development projects that create and sustain jobs and expand the economy.
  5. SSEB provides regional forums, summits, conferences and workshops in member states that stimulate and promote economic development while facilitating peer and professional development.
  6. SSEB conducts training and professional development activities that address energy and environmental programs and technologies.
  7. SSEB conducts research and recommends solutions to specific issues on request of member state officials and businesses.
  8. SSEB supports improved energy efficient technologies that pollute less and contribute to a clean global environment while protecting indigenous natural resources for future generations.