2023 Fossil Energy & Carbon Management Legislation Rundown Now Available

Our 2023 Fossil Energy & Carbon Management (FECM) Digest is now available. The FECM Digest is compiled in collaboration with our member states and includes a look at notable fossil energy and carbon management legislation from around the nation.

Explore the latest trends in FECM legislation with our in-depth look at the evolving landscape of energy policy, addressing key issues such as carbon emissions reduction, sustainable energy practices, and regulatory frameworks. This document serves to inform our members and the general public of the latest developments shaping the future of fossil energy and carbon management, ensuring that you’re ahead of the curve in understanding the legislative landscape. Whether you’re a policymaker, industry professional, or concerned citizen, our publication serves as a valuable resource for staying abreast of crucial information that impacts the efficacy of fossil energy and carbon management solutions.

The majority of the Digest highlights FECM legislation passed by our member states and territories within the last session. The notable bills included from outside of our membership should not be considered exhaustive.

This version is current as of December 30, 2023.

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