Board Members

Each jurisdiction is represented by the governor and a legislator from the House and Senate. The Southern States Energy Board is presided over by a governor who serves as chair and a vice-chair and treasurer who are legislative members. Ex-officio, non-voting board members include a federal representative appointed by the President of the United States, the Southern Legislative Conference Energy Committee Chair and SSEB’s executive director, who serves as secretary. Learn more about our Board Members.

Associate Members

Founded in 1984, the Associate Members Program represents the region’s leading energy and technology providers and contributes invaluable expertise on the economic and social implication of federal and state energy and environmental policies. These activities are integral to providing a balanced and responsible approach to environmental regulation that is economical and efficient.

The Associate Members gather frequently throughout the year to address such issues as federal energy and environmental policy and also have addressed matters including the re-emergence of the nuclear industry, grid modernization, state responses to energy emergencies, energy security, low-income home energy assistance, air quality, carbon management, natural gas supply and infrastructure, water for energy, and state energy and environmental legislation. Learn more about our Associate Members.

Program Benefits

Part of SSEB’s annual meeting of governors and legislators is devoted to Associate Members. Associates receive invitations to other SSEB conferences, seminars and workshops held throughout the year on energy and environmental quality topics and participate on Board committees, coalitions and task forces. Each Associate Member receives all SSEB publications, including the Annual Report, Legislative Digest, topical reports, issue briefs, and other items produced by the SSEB staff.


Any organization with an interest in energy and environmental affairs and a desire to pursue its concerns in a collective forum is eligible for membership. Participants may include corporations, trade and industry associations, universities and other commercial and non-profit organizations.