Sources of Support

Core funding for the Board comes from the appropriations of its 18 member jurisdictions. Each member’s share of support is determined by a formula written into the original Compact. The formula uses relative state population, per capita income, and equal shares as factors. The Board has not requested an increase in state appropriations since 1987.

The compact authorizes the Board to accept funds from any state, federal agency, interstate agency, institution, person, firm, or corporation provided those funds are used for the Board’s purposes and functions. SSEB also receives corporate sponsorships, registration fees, and in-kind contributions to support the expenses associated with the SSEB annual meeting.

In addition, SSEB maintains an Associate Members program composed of industry partners who provide an annual contribution to the Board. Membership includes organizations from the non-governmental sector, such as corporations, trade associations, and public advocacy groups. The Associate Members program provides an opportunity for public officials and industry representatives to exchange ideas, define objectives, and advance energy and environmental planning to improve and enhance the South’s well-being.